Searching for a total body exercise that you can ACTUALLY do? Want to make your doctor's jaw drop? Interested in an activity that delivers big fitness results…FAST? I bet you'll LOVE this!

Want instruction or poles?  Have questions?  Need a lively speaker? LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL, Olympian, car accident survivor,  Nordixx Canada MASTER Nordic Pole Walk Instructor,  (250) 920-4005  



  1. Attend next FREE SEMINAR “Can Nordic pole walking help me?” Monday May 28 at 10-11:30am.  Yakomovich Wellness Center at 1454 Hillside Ave.  To Register: phone Liz McCarter 250 370 5688 ext 34682  Those people who attend a SEMINAR are more likely to succeed in Nordic Pole Walking in the long run.

2. LEARN to Nordic pole walk.  Take one LEARN LESSON to try Nordic pole walking; see if you like it!    Currently every Monday & Tuesday at 1:30pm and Tuesday at 6:30pm. Go to:  for details on LEARN LESSONS.  Pre-register by CLICKING ON EVENT CALENDAR, look for LEARN LESSON, click button on the class you want to register and pay (paypay, visa, mc) OR EMAIL to pre-register.  $20  Borrow poles for free.

3.  NEW!  GET FIT 6 FLEX:   This spring we discovered the fastest way to master Nordic-Style pole walking and actually use all 90% of the muscles, and to maximize your fitness & health results quickly!  Starting in May, for $60 you can take advantage of the “GET FIT 6-FLEX” program It is 6 live coaching sessions, plus your coaching CHEAT SHEET which guides you through the FOUR ESSENTIAL ACTIONS that actually result in you forming a fitness habit, and actually results in creating health results. This GET FIT 6-FLEX course gives you FLEXibility:   (1) choose either Monday at 1:30 Tuesday at 1:30 or Tuesday at 6:30 for your live coaching.   (2) choose which six weeks you want to attend between now and July 31, 2018.  You may want to get off to a fast start and do 6 in a row, or you may need to dodge around a planned holiday,  or you may want to spread your 6 coaching sessions out a bit.  You have the flexibility to choose the times and dates.   AND you are required to PRE-REGISTER a couple of days before the session you want to attend.  (  The coaching CHEAT SHEET contains the 4 essential elements required for success.  There is no program like this one.

4. GET FIT with NORDIC POLE WALKING.   Prescription for fitness with Nordic pole walking is to pole walk 3 x week for 30 minutes. Responsibility for fitness is yours and yours alone.  However, have more fun and accountability by joining a free neighbourhood pole walking club.   Check them out here:

4.  CELEBRATE new found fitness with June 2, 2018 THE WALK FOR ARTHRITIS.   Join Linda Schaumleffel’s A-TEAM.

Using this conveniently timed event with the most beautiful route in Victoria, helps us get fit  setting out a goal, and making a commitment to attend.  This give you power to get fit.

5. MEET YOUR NEW WALKING BUDDIES!  All the NORDIC POLE WALK CLUBS will be walking the June 2 event, and they are  looking for you….to invite you to join them in their weekly year-round (free) FUN walking outings!  Check them out here:  (Or click on tab at top of page.) This is a great way to make friends, and get regular exercise through Nordic pole walking, explore new areas….and have fun!


2018!  OUR VISION STATEMENT IS “to create a community-based legacy of health through fitness with Nordic pole walking”.  Why just walk (using 45% of your muscles) when you can learn to Nordic pole walk (using 90% of your muscles).  FITNESS, REHAB, or FUN, Nordic pole walking has a place for you!

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Note: instructor certification available. Contact me.



 Nordic STYLE pole walking is very kind to your body (feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and hands) and at the same time EFFECTIVELY makes you stronger and healthier.   The prescription for health with Nordic Pole walking is 3x week for 30+ minutes.  Go fast or slow, it works!  THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO!  Results accrue quickly: posture, pant size, BP, LDL, insulin, energy, sleep, strength, balance, sure-footedness, coordination, recovery….





  1. NPW is an EFFICIENT exercise using 90% of the body’s muscles, with a  huge “workload” that turn on internal switches of health.
  2. NPW is DO-ABLE by the widest range of people.  Age, fitness level, and health condition do not stop people from NPW.
  3. NPW is ADDICTIVE:  it is convenient, it feels good, and it creates immediate results for everyone.
  4. NPW is AFFORDABLE.   The best Nordixx poles $91 includes tax.  4 lessons will get you confident  (under $100)