Searching for a total body exercise that you can ACTUALLY do? Want to make your doctor's jaw drop? Interested in an activity that delivers big fitness results…FAST? I bet you'll LOVE this!

February 10, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Every 7 days until May 6, 2018
polecat weekly walk location around greater victoria
Linda Schaumleffel250 920 4005E-mailEvent website

NORDIC POLE WALKING FITNESS COURSE:  14 WEEKS Saturday 8:00am various locations around Victoria.

This “POLE KITTENS” COURSE was the most successful course in that at the end, the participants easily carried on with the free neighbourhood pole walking club, THE POLECATS!  You  “kittens” will be training with me each week, but we will be meeting at the weekly PoleCat location, and end the session with an invitation for coffee with the PoleCats.  At the end of our 14 week course you will graduate and  have the option to become POLECATS.

We will be training step-by-step to raise your total body fitness systematically with Nordic Pole Walking.  No matter what your fitness level to start, you will follow a program appropriate for you to raise YOUR level of fitness.  At the end of this course, you have the option to carry on together as a FREE neighbourhood pole walking club!

Our fun goal for the course is to for everyone to enter the ESQUIMALT 5KM on April 7 and the TIMESCOLONIST 10KM on April 29. (You know we have pole walk brunch parties after each event…!) Even if you start with low fitness and follow the program each week by putting in your three sessions of Nordic pole walking, you will be able to finish both the 5 km and the 10km. Speed is not an issue and your speed will be just right!  We will systematically raise our fitness no matter what by following our planned program.  PLUS we will find like-fitness buddies and learn how to pole walk as “QUAD” teams, which is undoubtedly the most fun way to get fit and to have fun in events!

  1.  You can join this course without having taken a LEARN CLASS, but it really helps if you do take a LEARN CLASS first, even if you are rusty at the skill.  But we will be teaching everyone how to NORDIC STYLE POLE WALK right from scratch. Nordixx poles essential.  Can be purchased at class…$91.
  2. NEW REGISTRATIONS WILL BE TAKEN THE FIRST 3 SESSIONS (last day for registration is Feb 24) then this course will be closed.
  3. BY REGISTERING FOR THIS COURSE, YOUR INTENT SHOULD BE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ESQUIMALT 5KM AND TC10KM.  Having a clear goal with deadline is empowering….plus that is where the BIG fun is!
  4. You must register yourself for the ESQUIMALT 5KM and TC10km. Click on these links:


REGISTER FOR TC10KM HERE and register under TEAM “Vancouver Island Nordic Pole Walkers”

Register 2018

NOTE:  If you miss a Saturday morning practise, it is still up to you to follow your program and get your 3 pole walking sessions in each week.  Your fitness will grow and soon you will be like the members of the PoleCats who exclaim, “Remember when we thought that route was difficult!”   Everyone will receive the official training chart to keep track of progress.