NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!

Turn Walking into AWESOME!

If you can walk, you can Nordic walk. Why use poles? By adding poles to walking in the NORDIC style, you instantly burn twice the calories by engaging NINETY PERCENT of your muscles. (Walking uses 45% of your muscles.) BONUS: by using the whole body, you more than double the health benefits. First results you may notice externally are straighter posture, smaller pant size, relaxed shoulders/neck, and more energy.

Linda Schaumleffel
your Coach


CLICK ON SHOP NOW to the right of my photo, then navigate to Nordixx Traveler poles, add a couple extra pairs of rubber boot tips, and proceed to Shopping Cart.

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WHY NORDIXX BRAND POLES? Because they have a unique “GLOVE STRAP” that makes the effective poling technique described below, comfortable and easy to do.

Nordixx ‘Traveler’ Poles make it easy!

NB: If you live in Victoria, email me to arrange pick-up of Nordixx ‘Traveler’ poles. Linda4success@shaw.ca $91 total includes taxes.


When your poles arrive, watch this video and I’ll show you how to set up your Nordixx poles.


Set the poles up right the first time!



Fit and tall Sabine exhibiting great Nordic style.
Focus on correct technique, regardless of your shape or condition.

When you do it right, it will feel harmonious and connected; you will look forward to doing it. In 10 minutes each arm pushes back about 500 times. Yes, that adds up, and your triceps, shoulders, back, and core muscles will let you know they had to wake up and work! When you feel tired, stop. Inch by inch the benefits will accrue! Aim to Nordic Walk three times a week, or more if you feel like it.

Hi Linda, You are my hero. I had to quit hiking because my hips were hurting so badly.  I have been active all my life & was looking to find an exercise that my body could cope with, AND I found you. I watched your video and learned the proper technique. Especially with C19, Nordic Walking is my main exercise now, I love it. Thank you so very much.” Penny Pollard, Victoria, Canada


This is a new skill and like any new skill, you need to practice to get it working smoothly and efficiently. Be patient. Become a model example of how to do it right! Your friend can video you as you walk along just like my friend did for me in the above video. Then you can get a good look at how you are progressing.

Hi Linda, I took a brief pole walk lesson a couple of years ago. Have to confess I have not been as regular as I intended to be. I watched the your video and discovered that I was not doing it correctly . Thank you for the video. After watching it several times I took myself out into the sunshine and I think I have corrected my posture and management of the poles. It now feels more natural and comfortable. First day out I acquired sore back muscles, two days on I am no longer sore and am enjoying my walking. I am hoping I will get to the regular three times a week routine. Thanks!” Ann Taylor, Victoria, Canada

“Linda, your website is awesome-so much to learn from it (for a newbie) as well as a refresher for those of us who may need it. I’ve been Nordic walking every day for the past 2 weeks (prior to then I’d walk some days with and some without poles), but I’ve really felt a huge difference in my pace, strength and posture when using my poles – so now I don’t want to walk without them. The hills I walk around my neighborhood are so much easier to propel myself up with poles and I love it 😊.”
Edna May, Calgary, Canada


BASIC SET-UP: 1) Set up the poles: Hold the pole handle lightly between your thumb and first finger only, so that the pole pivots between your thumb and finger, then position the poles so they are at an angle (trailing behind you). Start walking normally. TWO SKILLS TO LEARN: You need to get two new learned skills working together. 1) First press the heel of you hand down on the strap. 2) Second, make sure your elbow swings to the back every time. When you get these two skills working together, you will feel like the poles are propelling you forward. Perfect! EFFORT CHECK: How hard are you pushing down on the strap? Soft, medium or hard? It works better in the soft to medium range.

Linda. I know you must see lots of people who are simply not getting the benefit they could because they are not using the poles correctly. So many just “lean” on them. I was using too much forward motion and not walking with a normal stride. The way you explained it in your video was great…angle the poles to the back and then  naturally incorporate them into your stride. Your description turned a light on for me. Now I feel more “connected” and efficient. Cheers!” Ann Pollard, Victoria, Canada

What a show off! My photo at Victoria Olympic History Wall.
I was inducted into Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame in 2019.

QUESTIONS? Contact LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL, Hall of Fame Olympian, car accident survivor,  Nordixx Canada MASTER Nordic Pole Walk Instructor, Linda4success@shaw.ca  (250) 920-4005  


  1. CONVENIENT:  Just walk out your front door and start!
  2. FEELS GOOD:  Easy on knees, shoulders/neck, hands, feels powerful and flowing.
  3. AFFORDABLE:  Poles are $91.  Instruction FREE on this site.   Nordixx poles  ($79.95 + shipping + tax)
  4. QUICK RESULTS:  Uses 90% of the body’s muscles. Posture, LDL, BP, insulin, sleep, hip size start changing in 20-30 days.
  5. FUN FACTOR:  Breathe in nature, see the sights, socialize with fellow pole walkers, participate in events from time to time.
Yes, that’s me!

NORDIC WALKING IS “DO-ABLE” by anyone who can walk, and is kind of addictive once you get the hang of it. Anything new has a learning curve. First step: start. Second step: keep going.




Elegant, in alignment, powerful yet relaxed,  easy on the feet/knees/hips, and using 90% of the body’s muscles for maximum calorie burn and health benefits.  IT SHOULD LOOK EASY, RELAXED, EFFORTLESS.  You can’t see that 90% of my muscles are working, and that the “workload” is actually huge!  It is a very unique exercise. Like every new skill it takes time/practice to make it look smooth and easy.

Note:   The key point to focus on in this video is that my ELBOW swings to the back with every swing.  See how the heel of my hand is pressing down on the strap and continues to press down all the way to the back of the swing.  You will learn how to relax your hand while putting pressure on the strap.  Eventually your strength and technique will improve so that you push the strap RIGHT TO THE BACK; then the pole tip responds by lifting itself up and replanting.  I am completely relaxed and have learned how to apply force effectively.  Look at how relaxed my hands are.

1.  Elbow swings behind “side mid-line” on every swing.

2. Heel/palm of hand presses down on strap from front to back.

3.  It doesn’t matter if your arms are straight like mine, or if you feel more comfortable with your arms bent a bit.  The important parts are that your elbow swings from the front to the back, and the heel/palm of your hand presses down on the strap from the front to the back.  (Note:  you may gently stabilize handle by squeezing the base of the thumb and the first finger lightly together, but all finger MUST STAY OFF HANDLE, so that the handle can pivot, allowing the boot tip to stay on the ground all the way to the back of swing.)

4.  Rubber tip spontaneously springs into air consistently at end of arm swing and replants itself (as a consequence of swinging arm all the way to the back with sufficient power)


Using the right tool for the right job makes a lot of difference.

Nordic poles vs Trekking poles vs Rehab poles


They are $79.95cdn (plus taxes & shipping if applicable).

  1. From Linda Schaumleffel in Victoria  Linda4success@shaw.ca  
  2. MAILED TO YOU: (We ship worldwide.) Click this button:   order here  Then click on “SHOP NOW” then “PRODUCTS“, then “NORDIXX POLES” and choose Nordixx Global “TRAVELER” poles $79.95.  These are the poles that I recommend because they have the detachable glove straps, and fit in your suitcase.

The best poles for the Nordic pole walking “job”. (NB…the carrying case you will receive is black.)


  1. CONVENIENT:  Just walk out your front door and start!
  2. FEELS GOOD:  easy on knees, shoulders/neck, hands, feels powerful and flowing.
  3. AFFORDABLE:  Poles are $91.  1-3 Learn Classes recommended. ($20/class).   Nordixx poles  ($79.95 + shipping + tax)
  4. QUICK RESULTS:  Uses 90% of the body’s muscles. Posture, LDL, BP, insulin, sleep, hip size start changing in 20-30 days.
  5. FUN FACTOR:  breathe in nature, see the sights, socialize with fellow pole walkers, participate in events from time to time.

NORDIC WALKING IS “DO-ABLE” by anyone who can walk, and is kind of addictive once you get the hang of it.

OUR VISION STATEMENT IS “to create a community-based legacy of health through fitness with Nordic pole walking”.  Why just walk (using 45% of your muscles) when you can learn to Nordic pole walk (using 90% of your muscles).  FITNESS, REHAB, or FUN, Nordic pole walking has a place for you!

Questions?  Contact Linda4success@shaw.ca

Note: instructor certification available. Contact me.

 (INSPIRE MAGAZINE ARTICLE…  http://www.seniorlivingmag.com/articles)

 Nordic STYLE walking is very kind to your body (feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and hands) and at the same time EFFECTIVELY makes you stronger and healthier.   The prescription for health with Nordic Pole walking is 3x week for 30+ minutes.  Go fast or slow, it works!  THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO!  Results accrue quickly: posture, pant size, BP, LDL, insulin, energy, sleep, strength, balance, sure-footedness, coordination, recovery.





I think Dan did a masterful job to take 70 minutes of film about me and Nordic Pole Walking and condense it into this segment.  Thanks Dan!       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTnGZSbQ49k

Easy & Effective!

Many people have not yet heard about pole walking.  Don’t get it confused with other types of exercises using poles…hahahaha.  Nordic  Pole Walking is like cross-country skiing without the snow.  Walk on sidewalks, low tide beaches, country road using two lightweight poles.  This exercise uses 90% of the body’s muscles in a way that is easy, fun, and do-able.  Moderate and persistent exercise is the prescription for health…and you can happily do this with Nordic Pole Walking.  Pole Walking for three 30-minute sessions will give you good health.  Pole walking every other day is great.  Up your time for pole walking to 60 minutes and your health will flourish.


WHO ATTENDS NORDIC POLE WALKING LESSONS WITH LINDA?  Women from age 27 to 79…average age 52.5.  Men from age 51 to 79…average age 63.75.  (stats from 2011)

2017 update:  WHO POLE WALKS? From young (age 5) to old (92), from athletic to average, from competitive to rehab.  Why do they choose Nordic pole walking?  Convenient, feels good, effective.

WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT NORDIC POLE WALKING WITH LINDA?   This comment from Laurie is typical: “Nordic Pole Walking is so different than I had thought!  I look forward to more training with Linda and just getting out with people.  Linda is a great coach and full of enthusiasm.  I had a great time.  I would recommend everyone to try it out no matter what level of athleticism.”  And Bill says, “Walking is boring.  This is fun!”

Thank you to Tiffanie who made this comment after learning how to Nordic Pole Walk on Willow’s Beach last weekend:

“ What a wonderful surprise. I had the view going into pole walking that it was only for the senior population, boy was I wrong! It’s a great workout when done properly. Within an hour I felt like I had a very good grasp on nordic pole walking. After having been in a car accident a few years back I have been looking for some exercise that would strengthen my lower back – I found IT!! I love walking but pole walking is like gliding, it’s amazing. Come on out and try it, you won’t be dissapointed. ”

Welcome to the world of POLE WALKING with Coach LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL in Victoria, BC.


Pole walking is like cross-country skiing without the snow.   You add the use of two light weight poles as you walk on sidewalks, low tide beaches, and meadows.


Pole walking is amazing because it uses 90% of the body’s muscles.  Three areas of improvement that you will experience quickly are improved posture, trimmer waist, and reduction of  back of the arm “flubber”.  Fitness creeps up on you fast.


If you can walk, you can pole walk.  When you pole walk, benefits are guaranteed!

Posture:  This is an especially great exercise for people who are concerned with slumping posture like desk workers and those over 50.  This is one of the first areas to improve.

Prevent Injury:  It is an excellent alternate training for golfers and kayak/dragon boaters because it particularly strengthens the oblique muscles that give the back strength in rotating motion, increasing performance and reducing injuries.

Accelerate Weight Loss: It’s kind of addicting.  You get outside in the fresh area and burn more calories than plain walking in the same amount of time.  It raises cardio demand a bit and is easy on knees and feet. You can do it with a buddy.

Fashion Focus:  Pole walking makes your arms, shoulders, waist, butt and legs more shapely.

Easy & Fun:  You can learn the correct technique in one lesson.  Equipment is easy to find and affordable in Victoria. You can pole walk with friends or take the whole family on an outing.


Look at the Calendar on this site under Classes & Courses to find the times and locations of all upcoming classes and events. There are a growing number of Nordixx Canada certified instructors in Victoria.  Linda Schaumleffel is the Master Instructor with Nordixx Canada right here in Victoria. Take a lesson or two, get some good quality Nordixx brand poles from Linda…  That’s all you need to get started pole walking!   After that pole walk on your own, or buddy up.  I am also planning some Fun  Walks so that we can socialize and have fun pole walking through some really great scenery!