NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!

SPRING 2024!

Nordic walking is the greatest, most do-able total body exercises for the widest range of people! What I know for sure is that exercise is one of the three most beneficial actions we can do for our health and spirit! (Exercise, Sleep, Food) Exercising is simple and easily within our control. In spite of all the attempts at exercise you may have made in the past, if you can walk, you can Nordic walk, and succeed for the longterm!

People like Nordic walking for three reasons: 1) it is convenient and affordable, 2) anybody can do it, 3) it uses 90% of the muscles for the biggest fitness benefits. AND IT FEELS GOOD TO DO! Go fast or slow, Nordic walking delivers countless results, quickly!

DID YOU KNOW? …there are 4 levels of Nordic walking: 1) rehab, 2) mobility, 3) fitness, 4) competitive. Although I help people with mobility, I specialize in Nordic walking for lifetime fitness!

People wonder why lessons are required; it is because you need to LEARN A NEW MOVEMENT that the weak muscles are not used to doing. Doing the movement correctly is important because you are going to repeat this movement approx 500 times every 10 minutes. Done correctly, this gives you great posture and a core of steel, eliminating most body pain. But doing repetitively a less than ideal movement, you will set up your body for future discomfort and problems. Why gamble….?

I have distilled learning into three do-able steps. Learning good technique at the start sets you up for years of great health results. This precise start plus regular practice guarantees you great results for a lifetime.

“I loved today’s class! This is the one thing that I have done since moving to Victoria that has captivated my attention. I am spurred on by your kind and easy going instructions….that really makes my day! You are at times hilarious and not a drill sergeant!!!! Thank you for being you!!!! Claire Harder March 26, 2023



PRIVATE LESSONS available at your Greater Victoria, Sidney, Langford locations. Have one private lesson, borrow my poles, and feel what it does for your body. ($80). If you like the first lesson, buy some poles from me, practice your new skill, and then have a second lesson 2-3 weeks later. Then this fitness skill will last a lifetime! Nordixx poles with the essential “glove strap”, make it easy, are available for $91/pair from me. (Note: 2 people in private lesson is $60 each.) Contact me for more information:

“I really enjoyed the lesson last night. Feeling it this morning! I love your analogies.” Sheryl (April 10/24)


Do you live in Mill Bay or Shawnigan Lake? Contact who is gathering people interested in a lesson.

“Hi Linda,  Thank you for the wonderful course.  I would like to be part of the walking group being formed (see NPW CLUBS tab abaove).  And to you Linda… you are still the same caring Nordic pole walking instructor  who got us started at OBUC many years ago.  Carry on bravely – I expect to meet up with more people whose lives you have touched.”  Betty

“I just want to say how much I appreciate your class. I am alreadly feeling the changes in my body, which is very exciting for me. I am encouraged by your support, and your ability to help me focus on what I can do to help myself. Your powers of observation are astounding!” Barb Moline April 6, 2024.


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Just in: Nordic walking more effective than HIIT…who knew?


People who want to increase their exercise, grab poles and use the their poles in the intuitive “forward reaching” style. If this gets you out walking more regularly and gives you a greater sense of balance, it is worthwhile! HOWEVER, for those people who take the time to learn the classic “back pushing” Nordic style, their BENEFITS ARE DOUBLED including twice the calorie burn, straighter posture, and a strong core! FOR MOST PEOPLE THIS BACK PUSHING STYLE IS NOT INTUITIVE, AND IS A BIT CHALLENGING TO LEARN SINCE THE MUSCLES REQUIRED ARE CURRENTLY WEAK. Sabine, above, makes it look easy! (She is sooo fit!) Investing in a lesson or two is the most effective way to learn this skill and reap the most benefits for life! Contact me at


“Thank you Linda! You are an amazing instructor and a person I admire. Thank you for getting me back on track. I am excited to making Nordic Pole Walking part of my regular routine.” Pat H Victoria, Jan 2023.

Recently I did a google search for info on Nordic walking and was pleasantly surprised by the more enlightened articles.

The first report was by CNN that cited the University of Ottawa Heart Health Institutes study that proved Nordic Walking creates better results than the very popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Researchers had 130 patients in a 12-week training program performing either 60 minutes of Nordic walking on an indoor track; 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous continuous training (e.g., cycling or rowing); or a 45-minute HIIT workout.  Read CNN report here

Conclusion? Nordic walking created best results! Compared to the other exercises, Nordic walking is more enjoyable, more convenient, and more do-able by more people.

The second article made me laugh…

In this article it stated that the common method of Nordic walking had changed recently to include three steps: upright posture, arms/legs swinging in harmony, and pushing the pole behind the body! Anyone who has taken a lesson from me in the last 10 years knows that these three steps have ALWAYS been what I teach! Where people struggle in their ability to do these three steps is because their muscles are currently weak, and they don’t know what to focus on to learn. But why persist and get the technique right? To straighten posture, strengthen core, and use 90% of muscles which activates 90% of the mitochondria, which turn on the internal switches of health. Hahahaaaa….I’ve always been ahead of the game!


CONVENIENT:  Just walk out your front door and start!

FEELS GOOD:  Easy on knees, shoulders/neck, hands, feels powerful and flowing.

AFFORDABLE:  Nordixx Poles are $79.95 + shipping + tax.

QUICK RESULTS:  Uses 90% of the body’s muscles. Posture, LDL, BP, insulin, sleep, hip size start changing FAST.

FUN FACTOR:  Breathe in nature, see the sights, socialize with fellow pole walkers, explore new areas in your vicinity, participate in events from time to time, go slow, go fast, race….


This woman from England explains the difference really well. Thanks!

To learn about the three different kinds of poles, click on START HERE tab above and watch video.


By adding poles to walking with good Classic NORDIC style, where the elbow swings behind the body, you instantly use twice the muscles and burn twice the calories. By exercising the whole body you more than double the health benefits. First results you may notice are straighter posture, smaller pant size, relaxed shoulders/neck, ease on knees, and more energy.


STEP ONE: You need comfortable durable poles with the right strap that is needed for Nordic style walking. I’ll get quality poles to you quickly regardless of where you live. They are just like the ones I use! Email me at to order. I’ll get great poles off to you the same day, and when you get them, let me set up a Zoom session so I can make sure the poles are set up perfectly for you.

STEP TWO: Learn the correct technique, then you can reap all the benefits as you enjoy this exercise for the rest of your life, and avoid possible pitfalls that give you injuries or make you want to quit. CALL ME FOR A PRIVATE LESSON AT YOUR HOUSE; LEARN RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, AND AVOID FRUSTRATION… SET YOURSELF UP TO AVOID PROBLESMS AND GET MAXIMUM RESULTS. PS I’VE GOT THE GOOD POLES! The tipping point for creating fitness and health results is when you Nordic walk a minimum of 3 x 30 minutes each week. It feels so good that as you get fitter, to Nordic walk 50-60 minutes 3-5 times a week, will start to feel normal.

NOTE: If you live in Victoria, BC, you can book a private lesson with me and buy your poles directly from me. CONTACT ME AT

NORDIC STYLE walking is very kind to your body (feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and hands) and at the same time EFFECTIVELY makes you stronger and healthier.   The prescription for health with Nordic Walking is 3x week for 30+ minutes.  Go fast or slow, it works!  

THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO!  Results accrue quickly: posture, pant size, BP, LDL, insulin, energy, sleep, strength, balance, sure-footedness, coordination, recovery. Nordic walking was particularly suitable for exercise during Covid 19 distancing measures. Our need for fitness never ceases, no matter what is going on!

AS WITH EVERY NEW SKILL, THERE IS A LEARNING CURVE. Your job is to be patient and practice 3X week. When the fitness and health benefits start showing up, you too will become a raving fan of NORDIC WALKING! When you use correct technique, Nordic walking feels harmonious and connected; you will look forward to doing it. The tipping point for creating fitness and health results is when you Nordic walk a minimum of 3 x 30 minutes each week. It feels so good that as you get fitter, to Nordic walk 50-60 minutes 3-5 times a week, will start to feel normal.

NORDIC POLE WALKING IS A BIG WORKOUT! With the Classic Nordic Style that I teach, in 10 minutes each arm pushes back about 500 times. In 30 minutes your arms, triceps, shoulders, back, and core muscles have contracted about 1500 times. This is the formula for building fitness. How is it possible to do 1500 repetitions? Inch by inch. That’s the beauty of Classic Nordic Style pole walking. Each swing of the arms is easy, and you do lots, because it feels good and is fun. Why aren’t you Nordic walking?

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NORDIC WALKING FEELS GREAT! When you take the time to learn the Classic NORDIC WALKING skill properly, at the end you too will say, “Nordic walking feels great!” Others will look at you and exclaim how ELEGANT you look.


“Arthritis throughout my spine and hips has caused me to be increasingly hunched over when walking. To my astonishment and delight not only has my range increased but there has been a dramatic improvement in my posture. I am motivated to continue Nordic pole walking. Thank you Linda.” Jane

“Lessons to learn how to walk? Well, I found out it is all about technique! Having Linda teach the techniques was transformative for me. My posture has improved, my gait has improved, there’s less pain in my knees and my endurance has increased. I now Nordic walk 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Nordic walking is an enjoyable exercise pastime that I can easily see myself doing… forever.” Connie

“Nordic Walking is Linda’s passion. She explained the technique in easy steps with much repetition. Each lesson was spent in practising the skills with Linda offering immediate suggestions and gentle correction. My gait is more stable and I’ve been able to walk for longer and gone further than I’ve felt like attempting for ages.” Louise

“I have noticed more awareness of my posture since taking your class, plus an increase of back strength and stability. Thanks for teaching the class…learned a lot and really enjoyed it!”  Martha


“Walking is boring.  This is fun!” Bill E. Victoria, Canada

Hi Linda, You are my hero. I had to quit hiking because my hips were hurting so badly.  I have been active all my life & was looking to find an exercise that my body could cope with, AND I found you. I watched your video and learned the proper technique. Especially with C19, Nordic Walking is my main exercise now, I love it. Thank you so very much.” Penny Pollard, Victoria, Canada

Hi Linda, Since having a lesson with you in autumn of 2019, I have seen increasing numbers of pole walkers when I am out and about.  One day I saw another woman walking with her poles and her husband.  When she saw my poles, she said; ” Don’t you just love them?” and I replied, “I sure do!” 
I realize I do very much look forward to my walks; it has brought a welcome steadiness to my life.  For me, walking in the evening between 8 and 10 can be very peaceful and quiet. Except for a couple of very grey and dark days, I have kept up with my pole walking. It would be unusual for me not to walk with my poles at least 5 times a week.  Usually more.  I have taken to mixing long walks 60-90 minutes with days where I may do two shorter ones of 20-30 minutes.  You can tell….I really enjoy Nordic Walking!
” Kathrynn F, Victoria, Canada

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Hi Linda, I took a brief pole walk lesson a couple of years ago. Have to confess I have not been as regular as I intended to be. I watched the your video and discovered that I was not doing it correctly . TAfter watching it several times I took myself out into the sunshine and I have corrected my posture and management of the poles. It now feels more natural and comfortable. First day out I acquired sore back muscles, two days on I am no longer sore and am enjoying my walking. I am hoping I will get to the regular three times a week routine. Thanks!” Ann Taylor, Victoria, Canada

“Linda, your website is awesome-so much to learn from it (for a newbie) as well as a refresher for those of us who may need it. I’ve been Nordic walking every day for the past 2 weeks (prior to then I’d walk some days with and some without poles), but I’ve really felt a huge difference in my pace, strength and posture when using my poles – so now I don’t want to walk without them. The hills I walk around my neighborhood are so much easier to propel myself up with poles and I love it .” Edna May, Calgary, Canada

Linda. I know you must see lots of people who are simply not getting the benefit they could because they are not using the poles correctly. So many just “lean” on them. I was using too much forward motion and not walking with a normal stride. The way you explained it in your video was great…angle the poles to the back and then  naturally incorporate them into your stride. Your description turned a light on for me. Now I feel more “connected” and efficient. Cheers!” Ann Pollard, Victoria, Canada

“What a wonderful surprise. I believed that pole walking was only for the senior population, boy was I wrong! It’s a great workout when done properly. Within an hour I felt like I had a very good grasp on the fundamental skill of Nordic walking. After having been in a car accident a few years back I have been looking for some exercise that would strengthen my lower back – I found IT!! I love walking but pole walking is like gliding, it’s amazing. ”  Tiffanie, Victoria, Canada

“Nordic Pole Walking is so different than I had thought!  Linda is a great coach and full of enthusiasm.  I had a great time.  I would recommend everyone to try it out no matter what level of athleticism.” 

NORDIC WALKING IS “DO-ABLE” by anyone who can walk, and is kind of addictive once you get the hang of it. Anything new has a learning curve. First step: start. Second step: keep going.

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IN VICTORIA, BC, CANADA. WANT TO LEARN TO NORDIC WALK THE CLASSIC WAY? I am still giving private lessons, selling poles, replacing worn out boot tips and gloves straps.


Hall of Fame Olympian, car accident survivor, 

Nordixx Canada MASTER Nordic Pole Walk Instructor

(250) 920-4005  

Yes, that’s me!

BONUS ADVENTURE April 24, 2024

“Thank you again for taking us on the walking tour of Victoria. It was so fun! I really enjoyed your humorous stories woven into the historical and present day details about our beautiful city. The pace was good, and I heard every word. You had lots of interesting information about the city that even those of us who have lived here for thirty years didn’t know!”  Cheers! Catherine 

“The walking tour was delightful. Your attention and clarity kept us safe and together, and able to hear all that you had to share. It was filled with knowledgeable tidbits from local lore to national interests. I would do it again!” Michelle

“I was excited to join the ‘tourist tour’ of Victoria with Linda as our guide. Linda made sure that everyone was included and walking at a comfortable pace.  Her  knowledge about Victoria is extensive with many interesting stories and facts that I didn’t know even though I’ve lived in the city for over 15 years.  It was worth it!” Hilary

“I have not stopped talking about Linda’s Walking Tour!   Her knowledge of these real people of the historical people who made Victoria what it is today was engaging… I learned so much! More than just tantalizing snippets on past Victoria history, you come away from the Tour feeling like you could have met these people on the city streets! Loved every kernel of Victorian history she shared with us. A highly recommendable Walking Tour for everyone!” Frances

This is a video taken in 2012 before I became a master instructor with Nordixx Canada.  I saw the potential of this exercise….   I think Dan did a masterful job to take 70 minutes of film about me and Nordic Walking and condense it into this segment.  Thanks Dan!   

Also note that at that time I was using HIKING/TREKING poles with the loop straps because I didn’t know about Nordixx poles yet.  I impressed myself to see that even then I knew the importance of the upper arm swinging back. 

Another note:  in rowing you race in the qualifying heats and either end up in the top six called the Grand Finale, or the next six called the Petite Finale, or be eliminated.  In the Olympic Games my boat made a tiny error and we ended up in the Petite Final which we won, coming 7th place overall.  Relative to the winning East German time in the Grand Finale, we were one second slower, which would have earned us a second place finish in the Grand Finale, beating the powerhouse (and steroid fueled) Romanians, and Russians.    Enjoy.


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Many people have not yet heard about Nordic walking.  Don’t get it confused with other types of exercises using poles…hahahaha.  Nordic  Walking is like cross-country skiing without the snow.  We walk on sidewalks, low tide beaches, country road using two lightweight poles to propel ourselves forward.  This exercise uses 90% of the body’s muscles in a way that is easy, fun, and do-able.  Moderate and persistent exercise is the prescription for health…and you can happily do this with Nordic Walking.  The scientific prescription for health with Nordic Walking is a minimum of three 30-minute sessions each week.  will give you good health.  Many people love it so much they way 5 or 6 times each week for short and long outings.   Up your time for pole walking to 60 minutes 3-4 times a week and your fitness will flourish.

WHO ATTENDS NORDIC WALKING LESSONS WITH LINDA?  My 2011 statistics show this:  Women from age 27 to 79…average age 52.5.  Men from age 51 to 79…average age 63.75. 

2017 update:  WHO NORDIC WALKS? From young (age 5) to old (92), from athletic to average, from competitive to rehab.  Why do they choose Nordic  walking?  Convenient, feels good, and effective in improving health.

WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT NORDIC WALKING LINDA?   This comment from Laurie is typical: “Nordic Pole Walking is so different than I had thought!  I look forward to more training with Linda and just getting out with people.  Linda is a great coach and full of enthusiasm.  I had a great time.  I would recommend everyone to try it out no matter what level of athleticism.”  And Bill says, “Walking is boring.  This is fun!”

Thank you to Tiffanie who made this comment after learning how to Nordic  Walk on Willow’s Beach last weekend:

“ What a wonderful surprise. I had the view going into pole walking that it was only for the senior population, boy was I wrong! It’s a great workout when done properly. Within an hour I felt like I had a very good grasp on nordic pole walking. After having been in a car accident a few years back I have been looking for some exercise that would strengthen my lower back – I found IT!! I love walking but pole walking is like gliding, it’s amazing. Come on out and try it, you won’t be disappointed. ”  Tiffanie

Welcome to the world of POLE WALKING  with Coach LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL in Victoria, BC.


Pole walking is like cross-country skiing without the snow.   You add the use of two light weight poles as you walk on sidewalks, low tide beaches, and dirt trails.


Pole walking is amazing because it uses 90% of the body’s muscles.  Three areas of improvement that you will experience quickly are improved posture, trimmer waist, and reduction of  back of the arm “flubber”.  Fitness creeps up on you fast.


If you can walk, you can pole walk.  When you pole walk, benefits are guaranteed!

Posture:  This is an especially great exercise for people who are concerned with slumping posture like desk workers and those over 50.  This is one of the first areas to improve.

Prevent Injury:  It is an excellent alternate training for golfers and kayak/dragon boaters because it particularly strengthens the oblique muscles that give the back strength in rotating motion, increasing performance and reducing injuries.

Accelerate Weight Loss: It’s kind of addicting.  You get outside in the fresh area and burn more calories than plain walking in the same amount of time.  It raises cardio demand a bit and is easy on knees and feet. You can do it with a buddy.

Fashion Focus:  Pole walking makes your arms, shoulders, waist, butt and legs more shapely.

Easy & Fun:  You can learn the correct technique in one lesson.  Equipment is easy to find and affordable in Victoria. You can pole walk with friends or take the whole family on an outing.


If you live near Victoria BC, you may be able to catch a class with Linda Schaumleffel.  Look at the CALENDAR on this site and see if anything is being offered.  However, it’s easier than you think to start on your own by following STEPS ONE, TWO and THREE on this website.