NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!



In 8 WEEKS, we are going to build up our fitness by climbing the 8 HILLS OF THE GORGE, and lose 8 INCHES from our upper arms, torso, waist and thighs.

In Nordic style pole walking you burn twice as many calories as plain walking…about 400-500 cal per hour on level ground and 600-900 cal per hours on hills. In addition strong muscles are smaller, and working those mitochondria make the biology of the body more efficient….all factors in losing 10 inches!

Whatever your starting fitness, you will be much fitter by NOVEMBER 15,  just in time for the holiday season.  How will it feel to slip easily into your favourite Christmas outfit, have a healthy glow on your face, and a stronger base of resolve to navigate through the holiday season more successfully?

This fitness course is for EVERYONE especially THOSE WHO WORK, and THOSE WHO SIT AT DESKS.  We start at 6:30pm and later in the course we will move the start time to 6pm because of darkness falling earlier.  Also affordable headlamps, that make you look PRO, will be available for purchase.  Whatever your fitness level at the start, low or high, you will be much fitter at the end.  EVERYONE WILL HAVE EXACTLY THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CHALLENGE….from mild to mighty.  The Gorge Hills is a perfect venue for everyone.

PEOPLE LOVE THE CAMARADERIE OF THIS COURSE.  Who thrives better with accountability, a boost of commitment, and encouragement, to ramp up to the next level of fitness.  We all do and we have it in bundles in this course.

The Prescription for fitness in Nordic pole walking is THREE 30 MINUTE SESSIONS each week.  We mean business on WED NIGHT HILLS, so will pole walk up to 55-75 minutes on WED, and ENCOURAGE YOU to pole walk two more times during the week for at least 30 minutes each session.

IF YOUR POLE WALKING SKILLS ARE NOT GREAT, (or non-existent) or if you do not know the up and down hill techniques, NEVER FEAR, LINDA IS HERE…..TO TEACH YOU.  These last few months I have refined my teaching method so that everyone gets their technique going great, with pole tips lifting off gracefully.  KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?  You will be using the maximum number of muscles and burning the most calories.  (and remember, speed is not a factor!)