NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!

Seminar:  Will Nordic Pole Walking Work for Me?

Talk to LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL (retired Olympian, car accident survivor, arthritis, Nordic Canada Master Pole Walk Instructor)  to ask all your questions.  She has taught over 2500 people to NOrdic style pole walk, and has rehabbed her own health by Nordic pole walking.

Will Nordic Pole Walking Work for YOU!

What is it?  What kind of poles are required?  What makes NORDIC style different from other uses of poles?  Why does scientific research find such astounding results using NORDIC STYLE pole walking?  Will it work for me?  Where do I start?  How much does it cost?  What does it take to do Nordic Pole walking?  Can I do it even though I have……… ?