NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!

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For Immediate Release:  November 17, 2014

Former Olympian Gernot Faderbauer is partnering with  Nordixx Pole Walking Canada

 During the rowing off-season, former Olympian and three-time World Rowing Champion Gernot Faderbauer would run up mountains using his Nordic poles to stay in peak physical condition.

 Now, the Austrian world-class athlete is partnering with Nordixx Pole Walking Canada, a leader in bringing Nordic pole walking to North America.

 Born and Raised in Vienna, Austria

 Gernot has spent most of his life in fitness and athletic training. His favorite sport growing up was rowing and was determined to become a World Champion and Olympic athlete.

 With hard work and determination Gernot became 3 x World Champion in 1993, 1994 & 1995 and competed in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

 “I have known for years that Nordic pole walking is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. I am now partnering with Nordixx Pole Walking Canada because I’m impressed with its dedication to its customers and its integrity,”  Faderbauer said.

 Gernot is the founder of the Canadian Nordic Walking Academy, a full time fitness Instructor with over 18 years of experience in Coaching and 32 years in Athletics. He is looking forward to teaching people how to not only Nordic pole Walk but become a Nordic Pole walking/running fitness specialist/enthusiast.

“Nordixx Pole Walking Canada is proud to partner with someone of Mr. Faderbauers stature and credentials. Nordixx continues to show their dedication to educating and building strong Nordic Walking programs for people of all ages and fitness levels”. Says GM and Co-Founder Greg Bellamy 

Anyone can become a Nordic Pole Walker and instantly experience outstanding health and fitness benefits. Individuals interested in learning more about this low impact exercise.


June 2012

THE CANADIAN WALKING ACADEMY & NORDIXX POLE WALK CANADA…..launched successfully in Victoria June 2012!  Victoria’s MASTER INSTRUCTOR:  Linda Schaumleffel

DR. KLAUS SCHWANBECK founder of the Canadian Walking Academy and NORDIXX POLE WALKING CANADA  just got on the airplane for Toronto after spending a week in Victoria at the end of June 2012 creating legions of new pole walking fans.  The two public seminars were SOLD OUT….all participants impressed at the quality of information from Dr. Schwanbeck, a truly visionary and effective man.  Participants loved the detailed scientifically backed benefits  of pole walking and the quality/affordability of the specially designed Nordixx poles.   Klaus loves Victoria, and was truly touched by the enthusiastic welcome from all, including Minister Ida Chong, Ministry of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development.  Klaus’ parting words…..I’ll be back!  He returned in February 2013 to kick off Victoria’s Pole walking season, and to introduce the partnership with Osteoporosis Canada, which led to the formation of the PoleCat team and the memorable Whistler adventure.  He returned to Victoria with his wife Sabine in June 2013, to a sold out crowd, and a delightful week’s vacation in our beautiful part of the world.

Health Benefits at a Glance 6-2012

Take a look at this checklist of 10 major health conditions to see if you are on the list. It is challenging to believe that so much is possible, but we have science on our side! All these scientific studies were based on the research group Nordic pole walking 2-3 times 30 minutes per week!

What most regular Nordic pole walkers notice is that 1) they can feel muscles they did not know they had, 2) their posture changes for the better regardless of age 3) their energy goes up, 4) their pant size goes down, 5) they feel “better”.

Participants feel different after the very first lesson, because using muscles actually generates energy and releases feel good hormones. Many visible results start showing up in about 2 weeks!


It takes a bit longer but, it gets really exciting when the doctor’s measurements of all those invisible ailments start changing for the better!

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. The body is exceedingly willing to change if given the right stimulus consistently and persistently.

Nordic pole walking is SOMETHING YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO, it feels good, and it produces results if you are willing to put in the “training”.

Dr Schwanbeck & Linda Schaumleffel June 2012

Klaus certifying instructors in Victoria June 2102.

First Certification Course in Victoria June 2012

Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck is the Founder and President of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc


Very Sad News! December 2013: It seems Klaus passed away from pneumonia complications following a chance food poisoning in Toronto. The tremendous impact of his enthusiastic and educated contribution HAS created a legacy in Canada and the hundreds of Nordixx instructors he certified gladly pick up this torch. Klaus is missed already; however I know many of you will agree that even one brief meeting with Klaus left an indelible footprint. Thank you Klaus for loving Canada!



A Tribute to the Founder & President of Nordixx Canada, Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck, 1949-2013.

Surround yourself with people you can rely on, and stay healthy as long as possible. This was a mantra Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck repeated on a regular basis. Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck was a person who loves to educate people on healthy living. He truly walked his talk and showed everyone he met how to live a healthy life without extreme dieting or added stress.

He will be remembered as a man who could motivate and help people to have a healthy lifestyle. Since coming to Canada from Germany, he has trained thousands of men and women to use Nordic Pole Walking as a way to a healthier and happier life. Klaus was a positive example of the importance of having goals regardless of age or stage in life. He encouraged everyone to be active physically and mentally. Above all else, Klaus was disciplined. He knew how to maintain his fit lifestyle and he shares that knowledge. His mentor was his professor at the University in Mainz/Germany. He founded the famous Institute of Physical Education in the 1960’s. Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck spent his time between Germany and Canada.

Klaus was a very convincing teacher and role model. He was a life long learner and is always re-educating himself on new and innovative ideas and concepts on healthy living. Marc Aurel was a favourite author, with insight on human behavior and motivation, helping people achieve goals and overcome negative experiences.

He admired Kenneth Cooper, Founder of the Research Institute Dallas. Cooper invented the world wide running movement as a result on his experiences with sedentary pilots in the US Army. Cooper profiled many health disease syndromes that we fight today on a global scale.

When asked to provide the five words that best describe him self, he said, “respectful, reliable, open, critical, a visionary.”

Klaus was respectful of those he dealt with, reliable in all he said and did. He was open to the opinions of others and was always willing to share. He saw opportunities and developed them. He could be skeptical at times and needed to see proof when ideas came from others. His family was important to him, seeing his three kids successful in both family life and business was his greatest achievement and his wife was in 100% agreement with him on this. The family couldn’t live without a dog as a part of the family, their favourite, “Wolfy”. One long term goal was to have a foundation to help children and animals.

The best advice he ever received? Be patient, respectful and thankful to the people who help you. Surround yourself with people you can rely on and stay healthy as long as possible.  He promoted a healthy lifestyle and attributed his well-being to the fitness level he was able to achieve with Nordic Pole Walking.



• National Head Coach of Germany’s National Track and Field Team

• General Manager of Sports Academy Berlin

• Vice President of Germany’s National Instructor Licensing Committee

• Founder and Developer of Nationwide Sports and Health Programs in Germany

• General Manager & Partner, Koob & Partner, a leading Public Relations &

Marketing Agency

• Founder and CEO of Health Academy Berlin

• Marketing Counsellor to Germany’s Health Insurance Companies, Medical

Boards and Fitness Industry

• Founder of the “German Preventative Health Network”

• President and CEO, Nordic Pole Walking USA LLC in Naples, Florida.

He is working towards achieving the same health benefits for Canada’s citizens. He launched his company in May of 2010 and the demand for training has been incredible. Canadians want to be fit ! Dr. Schwanbeck brings with him over 25 years of experience in developing and managing nationwide Health and Wellness programs in Europe, United States and more recently Canada. His expertise in the field is unparalleled ; his illustrious career includes the following highlights :

Dr. Schwanbeck holds a Master of Physical Education and Training Sciences as well as a Doctorate in System Theory and Communication.

We asked Dr. Schwanbeck a series of questions and decided it would be in the best interests of the reader to use a Q and A:


Healthy living means making choices to improve your health to minimize controllable illnesses and diseases. Active living is doing physical activity in order to improve your fitness level. The two go together. Choosing a healthy, active lifestyle will enhance all aspects of what we generally call “ health ” or “ wellness. ”

There are three parts to living a healthy lifestyle ; physical activity, healthy nutrition and mental balance. For the physical health part, statistics show that it should be an activity that can be done by everyone. It should be an activity that needs no special skills; an activity that isn’t exhausting, and can keep millions of men and women around the world in good shape.


It’s a scientifically and clinically proven exercise and it is recognized by the healthcare market in Canada and around the world. It’s called Nordic Pole Walking.

Since 2003 German health insurance companies have subsidized costs for Nordic Pole Walking courses up to 80 – 100 % based on Government regulations ( SGBV, 20 & 43 )


It’s a function of incorporating alll body muscles and cardio at the same time ; this leads to tremendous health benefits. It is an easy to understand program where participants immediately feel the effect and commit to using the poles. Our trainers set up pole walking clubs that make it a healthy and social experience.


There are several reasons why the program is taking off in Canada ; first, we are outdoor lovers.  Secondly, the Canadian Health Ministry and provincial and local health organizations are focusing on health prevention and maintaining health. This focus is due to the increasing cost of our health care system. What Nordic pole walking offers is an effective, physical activity that everyone can do, with a low financial investment. It doesn’t require any specific fitness skills and there is no need for a membership in a gym. Nordic Pole Walking has it all.


Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc. provides special programs that reach out to millions of Canadians. The company has formed alliances with major health organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Ottawa Cancer Foundation, and CARP, Canadian Association of Retired Persons.  We are helping raise awareness and funds for many of these organizations.


Everyone.  We have boomers, fitness enthusiasts, people suffering from health disorders, schools, hospitals, community recreation programs and walking clubs.  The list is endless.

NORDIXX POLE WALKING CANADA Inc welcomes Linda Schaumleffel into their Instructor’s family.

LINDA SCHAUMLEFFEL is the first NORDIXX INSTRUCTOR on the west coast, and now Nordixx MASTER INSTRUCTOR, located in Victoria.  In conjunction with Nordixx Canada, Linda’s vision is to create a legacy of health through fitness with Nordic Pole Walking.  Contact Linda anytime at


Nordic walking, originally known as ski walking, is a physical activity and a sport consisting of walking with poles similar to ski poles.

=Origin= Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It evolved from an off-season ski-training activity known as ski walking, hill bounding or ski striding to become a way of exercising year-round. Ski walking and hill bounding with poles has been practiced for decades as dry land training for competitive Nordic skiers. Ski coaches saw the success of world class cross country skiers who used ski poles in the summer for ski walking and hill bounding and it became a staple of off-season Nordic ski training. Hikers with knee pain discovered they could walk more powerfully with a pair of trekking poles, often eliminate or reduce hip, knee foot pain, and backpackers found relief from painful backs when using poles.

The first specially designed fitness walking poles with optional rubber tips (for hard surfaces, such as pavement) were designed by fitness walking pole pioneer Tom Rutlin and his Exerstrider® poles were introduced in 1988.

In 1997, a Finnish ski pole manufacturer Exel, working with another pole walking pioneer Marko Kantaneva, introduced the trademarked Nordic Walker® poles, and “Nordic walking” became the accepted generic term for fitness walking with specially designed poles which are now marketed by nearly all major ski and trekking-pole manufacturers. Although fitness walking with poles is currently growing in popularity at a more modest pace around the globe, the Nordic skiing savvy Northern Europeans very quickly embraced this dry land hybrid of two of their favorite fitness activities — Nordic skiing and walking, and a little more than a decade after its introduction in Europe, an estimated 10 million people (the majority in Northern Europe) have taken up fitness walking with specially designed poles as a regular form of exercise.

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