NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!


JANUARY TO JUNE IS OUR FOCUS ON FITNESS.  We know that fitness (strength, endurance, speed, flexibility) erodes with time, so it is smart to take time to build up fitness each year.  The best way to do that is to challenge the body. 

BEST RESULTS ARE CREATED when we follow a systematic program of increasing “workload”.  Thankfully you are not the first person on the planet to do this, so programs are already available.  Keep reading.

MOTIVATION IS A POWERFUL TOOL.  When you can see progress, you are excited to keep going.  This comparison requires a  “before” measure of some important factor, so that we can celebrate when we see gains in that area.  What is easy to measure for you, that really makes a difference in your life?  Is it insulin numbers, is it BP or LDL numbers, is it nights of good sleep per week, is it how fast you fall asleep each nigh,  is it how easily your pants fit, is it how long you can pole walk before you get tired…..?  These items are the ones most people are concerned about AND ARE EASILY MEASURED.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.  Pick the easy to measure item that means the most to you and create your chart so that you can track your progress.  Tape the chart by the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator door where it is easy to update each day.  Watching your chart daily gives you power.

HERE IS SOMETHING CRITICAL TO KNOWThe first four weeks are the hardest! It feels like climbing a hill. Your body is grumbling because of the unfamiliarity of a new exercise, your emotions are grumbling because you are changing routines, there is not much for your motivation to get excited about. Here is the solution.  It works for everybody and it works every time.   Go to Staples or the Dollar Store and get a sheet of happy face stickers.  Every time you go out pole walking, put a happy face sticker on the calendar or appointment book you look at every day.  The goal is to get 3-5 happy face stickers on your calendar each week.

THIS IS A MENTAL PRIDE ISSUE….YOU CAN WIN and YOU MUST WIN THIS first  4-week CHALLENGE.  You will be shocked at the end of four weeks….if you don’t get three stickers each week, you will be shocked at how bad you feel and you will go unconscious.   When you do get three stickers each week, you will be shocked at how great you feel, proud of yourself and your mental will power to get the job done no matter what! Which outcome do you want?  Fight for it.

HERE IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS….some days you are just not going to want to do the exercise!  There are 100 reasons that sound good not to do the exercise.  HOWEVER,  YOU MUST SUCCEED and keep your sticker streak going successfully. (If you fail, it’s like you fall back down the 30 day hill.  Be advised, your first start is your best, strongest, most powerful start, SO YOU MUST SUCCEED on your first start!  That’s why we just have one big focus on fitness each year!)   But some days you just don’t feel like exercising.  On those days, USE THIS STRATEGY,  CUT THE ACTION STEP IN HALF, and see if you can do the reduced amount.  If you are still balking at doing the work, CUT THE ACTION STEP IN HALF AGAIN, and again, until you are happy to do the work.  You may have planned to pole walk for 40 minutes, but ended up walking to the end of the drive way and back…..BUT YOU STILL DID IT, AND CAN PUT YOUR STICKER ON YOUR CALENDAR, AND BE PROUD OF THE SUCCESS STREAK YOU ARE BUILDING.  The pride in your success streak is one of your strongest allies.

ANOTHER ALLY IN YOUR TOOL KIT.  Create friendly accountability and commitment. The best way to do this is to join a group of people who all have similar goals.



JOIN A TRAINING GROUP (& register for the TC10km & the ESQUIMALT 5km)


  1. TIMES COLONIST 10KM CLINIC in Shawnigan Lake with Linda Schaumleffel teaching and training the nordic pole walkers. Sunday 8:30am starting January January 27, culminating in the TC10km event in Victoria on April 28, 2019.  Fee is $137 plus tax and includes many goodies, tech shirt, expert coaching with Lucy Smith, plus registration to TC 10km.

TC10km clinic registration   For Pole Walking, must choose Shawnigan Lake clinic.


2. THE POLECATS TC10KM TRAINING CLINIC led by pole walker Jennifer Smyth.  Just for pole walkers. (You must have your Nordixx poles and some pole walk instruction before joining this clinic.)  Great program!  You will get fit and have an excellent experience at the TC10km. !  Meet  Thursday 9:00am  at VCKC canoe club parking lot (355 Gorge Road West) starting Thursday Jan 31.   Register now for TC 10km event.  Clinic fee TBA.

email Jennifer at

I will volunteer my time again this year, but will be asking participants to pay/donate $5.00 per lesson or $65 for the 13 weeks. Monies collected will go to the PoleWalkers for a Cure, Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope 2019.
The $65. fee will include:
  • an electronic 13 week gradual training plan/guide and tips for improving strength and endurance.
  • We will meet weekly to discuss notes as well as what worked and where you would like improvements or more work,
  • You will also receive a weekly email with your training “homework” reminder for the week as well as tips to keep you motivated and healthy.
  • You will learn hill technique and the value of interval training
  • You will also learn how to be part of a quad (or trio) team.
  • You will have the support and encouragement of the other clinic members.
  • Training = Fun
  • You will be ready and fit for the TC 10K.
  • Prizes
Registration for the TC1K is in addition to the $65.00 fee.

register for TC10km EVENT

If you would like to join this clinic, but need poles or instruction in Nordic Pole walking,

email Linda Schaumleffel at


3.  THE POLE SISTERS CLINIC who train with the Sole Sister Clinic under NPW instructor Valerie Millard.  Learn to pole walk, buy the best poles, and get fit with pole walking.  They meet Tuesdays with “fluid start between 5-5:45pm at Pearkes Rec Center, Tillicum Mall area starting January 22.  Also have a Friday Morning option!  Fee is $109 plus tax and includes goodies, training program, plus registration to TC10km.

register for 2019 SOLE SISTERS CLINIC

Questions:  contact Valerie Millard, pole walk instructor/leader in Sole Sister Clinic


4.  INDIVIDUAL TRAINING Contact Linda for a FREE copy of appropriate training schedule (choose plan for low starting fitness or good starting fitness)

Register yourself now in the TC10km event.  Register in Nordic pole walk division, register under Vanc Island Nordic Pole Walkers to get shirt with that name on it.  LET ME KNOW THAT YOU REGISTERED (under Vanc Island Nordic Pole Walker, because I will be picking up your shirt and have them at my house for your easy pick up.)

Note: there are two pole walk divisions:  recreational who start in the last time gate, and COMPETITIVE who start in the 80-89 minute time gate.  

register for TC10 EVENT



ESQUIMALT 5KM EVENT Saturday April 6, 2019. 

register now for ESQIMALT 5KM EVENT