NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!

PLACES we’ve been!


31 Inner Harbour Walk

Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria, BC


20 2013 Victoria PoleCat victory Photo

Victoria PoleCats on Whistler Mtn at 2010 Olympic Cross Country 10km Ski route.


June 17, 2013 Hello Linda
I’ve just arrived home from my trip; the last part to walk the El Camino from Porto in Portugal to Santiago in Spain with a pack weighing about 16lbs.. I could not have done it without my poles and the techniques you taught in your class. Funny, out of the 17 flights I took on my whole trip the only airports that would not let me carry on my poles in my pack were Kathmandu, Nepal and Santiago in Spain….both areas where there a loads of hikers with their poles..Everywhere else I had no trouble with the poles in my carry on pack…
Many thanks Sue Clamp

Laura Scherer El Camino de Santiago 2012...4-wheel drive!

Laura Scherer El Camino de Santiago 2012…4-wheel drive!

polecats mt douglas 002

Victoria PoleCats training on Mount Douglas Park, Victoria


Ruby at Mt Royale in Montreal


Ross at Mt Royale in Montreal


Ross in Montreal

IMG_0141 (2)

Rike & Bill On Norwegian Jewel


Rike & Bill on Norwegian Jewel

3 amigos in front of Straights of Juan de Fuca

3 amigos in front of Straights of Juan de Fuc


Margaret & David at Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai

Laurie with shoes and poles 001 (Large)

Airing the lawn: spike shoes supported by Nordixx poles….hahaha

great wall of china david and margaret

GREAT WALL of CHINA David & Margaret

Alice at Hotel Del Coronado “Some Like it Hot”

542786_10151425507259194_703389894_n that hotel for places I've been

Built in 1888, this classic beachfront respite near San Diego, California has long been heralded as one of America’s most beautiful beach resorts.




Linda Liz Linda at Royal Roads

3wk tech class on gorge & pop up ORDER 001

Gorge WaterWay Park, Victoria, BC

Ieke Shoreline Trail Port Moody BC

Ieke at Shoreline Trail in Port Moody BC

Rural Mansion by Mt Douglas

Rural Mansion by Mt Douglas

Marg in Kona Hawaii

Marg in Kona Hawaii

Bridge over Goose near Royal Roads

Bridge over Goose near Royal Roads

Laura Scherer El Camino de Santiago 2012

Laura Scherer El Camino de Santiago 2012

really tall policeman

Beside really tall policeman!

Bridge Bird Sanctuary Lochside

Bird Sanctuary LOCHSIDE TRAIL Victoria BC with “Ray”

In front of the OGDEN POINT BREAKWATER Victoria, B

Alice Pole Walk Hoh Wash (2)

Alice in Forests in Washington State

Historic Craigflower school by the Gorge in Victoria BC

Historic CRAIGFLOWER SCHOOL in Victoria BC

Tom: World's Biggest Nickel

Tom at World’s Biggest Nickel in Canada

6 Inner Harbour Walk

Wyland Whaling Wall #13 in Victoria, BC

3 Inner Harbour Walk

On historic and soon to be gone, Blue Bridge in Victoria, BC


group photo

BC Legislative buildings Victoria BC


Laura on El Camino de Santiago

Bonnie on beaches in Oregon. I want to go there!

Pam in Grassland National Park, Sask.










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