NORDIC pole walking FEELS GOOD. Strengthen posture/core. De-stress neck/shoulders. Move FAST/SLOW & expect results. CONVENIENT & AFFORDABLE…no sweat! Try it. I bet you'll love it!



Quad league racing is a fun off-shoot of Nordic Walking. Groups of 4-7 friends, who all learn to Nordic walk, train together (individually, pairs, whole group) every week practicing their quad team strategies, and building their Nordic fitness. Then once a month they compete/participate as a team of four with 0-3 “outriders”. The “quad” team snakes its way through a 5 km course. The “outriders” follow individually at the back and can substitute into the quad to relieve a member if necessary. There is team strategy involved in the “quad”. “Outriders” bring up and protect the rear of the quad.

There are two divisions: participation & competition. Both groups use quad teams in the same way. There is a “Best Team” trophy to be awarded every month for the quad team that wins the 5km race.


If you can walk, you can Nordic walk. This exercise, taken from cross county skiing, uses 90% of the body’s muscles. It is not highly aerobically demanding, but is one of the best exercises on the planet. If you have like-minded friends/acquaintances/co-workers/relatives, you can form a team, with a minimum of four members and ideal of seven members. Age and sex do not matter, but it is likely most appealing to people 40-65+(especially if they have sore knees). Men will love this new sport!


There are countless published studies extoling the virtues of Nordic walking. Straighter posture, stronger core muscles, weight loss, fun…. insulin control, better sleep, less depression, are the first benefits to emerge. And fun! How great it is to catch up with friends each week, while involved in a fitness activity.

For an extensive list of published studies, ask Linda.


The most health benefits accrue when individuals/teams train 3x week for at least 30-60 minutes. (A 5-km race takes approximately 60 minutes.)


Email to express your interest. The autumn of 2022 is a great time to find buddies to join you, and learn classic style Nordic walking from Linda, if you need a lesson. You can also get the proper Nordic style poles with the necessary “glove straps” from Linda. You can set set up an individual or group Nordic Pole walk instruction session with Linda. Research shows that benefits start to accrue when you Nordic walking three times a week for at least 30 minutes, and working up to approx an hour per session is a good goal. A good practice is to train 1x week on your own, focusing on improving your technique, 1x week with a buddy just for fun, and 1x week with your entire team to practice the quad strategies and moves.


You need the proper Nordic poles ($91 includes tax) and a skill lesson or two and you can get both from Linda.) A private individual 90 minute lesson with Master Instruction Linda is $80. For your team of 4- 7 members, the cost for a private group lesson is $40 per person. Email to book a lesson. (As time passes there will be more tips, exercises and strategies included in this website.)

There may be a $5/person entry fee for the monthly event, so that Linda/organizer has a budget to create more fun.


Teams are encouraged to become identifiable with a distinctive hat, bandana, shirt, shorts, or….. (Michael’s is a great source for many colors of bandanas and colors/sizes of t-shirts.)


Participation 3.0km route

This is a scenic course with a distance just right for many participants.

Competitive 4.5km route

This is a fabulous course that has many opportunities to test each team’s fitness and strategy.


The monthly event will be held on the last Saturday morning each month, assemble at 8am and start at 8:30am on the Esquimalt course. At the conclusion of the even, the trophy will be awarded to the race winning quad team. Then participants are invited to gather at Guido’s café on Grenville Ave, or the little coffee shop by the new Esquimalt library, for a social.

NB: On race day, each team must supply one marshal to help assist the participants at specific points in the course. These marshals have an easy but critical role in the safety and success of the event.


Quad teams have already participated in the Esquimalt 5km event in March, the TC10km event at the end of April and the 8km event in October. It is always a thrill to be in a larger crowd of walkers and runners.